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We are a team of NHS Doctors on a mission to prevent & reverse
1,000,000 chronic diseases regardless of socioeconomic background and reduce health inequality in the UK and, as a result, save our NHS.

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Success Stories

The right lifestyle changes can prevent and even reverse chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and even some lifestyle cancers such as Breast, bowel and prostate cancer. We are also seeing more and more cases of Autoimmune Diseases remissions of Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid ArthritisGenetics are not our destiny. Epigenetics has taught us that we can change the course of the expressions of our genes with our lifestyle and so can we change our disease outcome and affect our ageing process. Curious how patients have been able to use the principles of Evidence-Based lifestyle medicine to reverse their diseases and get off of their medications to now live their best lives?


They could do it, and we will make sure YOU CAN too

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Hero of Health Zoom Sundays

Evidence-Based Health Education and Lifestyle Practices with ongoing support are key to sustainable health gain, prevention and reversal of chronic diseases. With the current shortage of doctors and overwhelmed NHS, we wanted to offer a solution to this problem. So we created a place and time where we can refer our patients without barriers to continue the conversation with doctors and receive the education they need to prevent, manage and reverse chronic diseases.   Join us on Zoom every Sunday at 5 pm Uk time. Free weekly 60 min educational interviews on Zoom with world-renowned doctors followed by a 30 min cosy chat over a hot cup of tea. 

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"Linda and Erica have created the seemingly impossible. A free platform that all citizens can access in order to gain evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle knowledge from experts. This safe space provides what is currently lacking in the NHS, a focus on prevention, and empowers individuals to take back control over their own health and that of their family members. Linda and Erica are kind, compassionate and inclusive and their dedication and passion for this mission-driven project is truly admirable. I look forward to many more ATwD sessions as 5 pm on a Sunday becomes a permanent fixture in everyone’s diaries."

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Consultant Haematologist & Founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals

Hero of Health TV

The UK's Lifestyle Medicine Health TV.

If you have missed our live interviews, you can watch all the

educational and inspirational content on Hero of Health TV.  You can find all of our Evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine interviews with world-renowned experts

and patients sharing their success stories on how they have become the Hero of their own Health and that of their patients.  Watch, share and comment!