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Unleash your Hero of Health
with your Neighbours 

Join like-minded neighbours for activities, programmes  & coaching clinically proven 

to prevent and reverse chronic diseases to live your best life.

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They have unleashed their Hero of Health. 
You can too!

As a Hero of Health, you will learn how to apply Healthy Ageing Lifestyle Habits to live your best life.
But don't take our word for it, here's what our members say.


How does it work? 

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Your own Human Healthy Ageing Lifestyle Coach

Chat Box and Video Group Coaching with a real

live coach for a personalised lifestyle habit plan targeting: Connection, Purpose, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Substance Misuse & Stress management to live your best life. 

Healthy Ageing Recipes & Meal Plans that Crush Diseases on a Budget

No more reductionist diets or calorie counting.

Eat with abundance for healthy ageing on a budget. 


12-Week Disease Crushing
Cooking Course for Healthy Ageing

24/7 Access Coming Soon

Unleash the Hero of Health Chef in you, learn 

how to set up your kitchen, shop, and cook up 

delicious meals to support your healthy ageing. 

Learn to Move not Exercise
0 Min Disease Crushing Workouts

24/7 Access Coming Soon

Learn to incorporate movements that serve your healthy

ageing and fit into your everyday life without interruptions

or having to go to the gym if you don't want to.

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Bite-Sized Disease Crushing
Education Library & Video Programs

24/7 Access Coming Soon

We pack world-class chronic disease crushing

medical science into practical articles and Video Courses.

Online Community of Heroes

Give and get support from Heroes on a journey

to living free of chronic diseases resulting

in healthy ageing with lot of laughter and fun.


Walk & Talk in your 
Hero of Heath Neighbourhood 

Join a local Walk & Talk event to connect

with locals in your Hero of Health Neighbourhoods

to share a healthy ageing lifestyle through connection

and purposeful living. 

Become a Hero of Health 
and Live a Healthy Long & Fulfilling Life!

The first step to becoming a Hero of Health 

is to become a member. 

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