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Join us for our weekly local Walk & Talk
event suitable for all abilities.
Only 1 to 1.5 miles long, filled with connection and support to get you back into action!

What to Expect? 


Meet & Greet 

If you are up for a warm welcome, 
we welcome you with the Heroes Hug
or you can opt out for a Heroes Smile :) 
Either way we will wait for you even
if you are late because the walk is not the
same without you!

Distance & Ability


Short and easy terrain to make it accessible to all.
- 1 to 2 mile - slow chatty walk. 
- 90 min event in total.
Accessible to: 
- wheelchair users
- walking stick users
- we accommodate all abilities

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 08.39.59.png

Circle of Heroes
Wins & Challenges

During our Circle of Hero Wins and Challenges anyone who would like to share their wins and losses can do so in a supportive community setting. Health Goals are shared and we keep each other accountable for the week ahead with a hero's high five to consolidate!

Circle of Heroes
0 Min Workout


Learn how to incorporate movements
into your daily life that will help you move
for life. Walking sticks and wheelchairs used
due to Arthritis? Come join and move safely with us!


Heroes Tea & Talk

After a lovely Walk and Talk, we often 
end up in a coffee shop for Tea & Talk. 
If you are not up for the walk yet, you might
want to meet the Heroes in your neighbourhood
over Tea and Coffee time.
Join, connect, and have a good time!

Join us no matter where you are in your health journey and we will get to your goal with you with a lot of laughter and joy. 

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