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6 Pillars of Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine

How to Master Sleep

How to Beat Loneliness

Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Optimising Physical Activity to Maximise Your Mental & Physical Health

Meet our Guest Experts

Dr Siobhan Carver, GP

Dr Siobhan Carver is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and also has a masters in Pharmacology and the history and ethics of medicine. For the past 5 years, she has worked in and around London, both in hospitals and in primary care.She learnt that the lifestyle medicine approach is one that unites us all…by making sure that we put ourselves and our health first!When not working, you can often find her travelling, baking, playing the ukulele.

Dr Kai Koch, BMBS, BMedSci Kai

Dr Kai Koch, BMBS, BMedSci Kai is a London based emergency medicine doctor and an advocate of lifestyle medicine. As a recent member of BSLM, he has a particular interest in using movement as medicine to enhance both individual and population health. Kai is in his final year of studying for a MSc in sports, exercise and health at UCL and currently writing a thesis to establish a baseline with regards to understanding the potential role of physical activity in an A&E setting.

Dr Adrian Jeyakumar, GP

Adrian is General Practitioner with an interest in developing lifestyle medicine further within the UK. After previous studies in public health and epidemiology and many years working as an NHS doctor he has come to realise that medicine needs to be more proactive in preventing chronic disease through lifestyle education and consultations on an individual and population level whilst also addressing planetary health and the more distal determinants of wellbeing.

Dr Laura Freeman, GP - Scottland

Dr Laura Freeman is a dual licensed GP and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor. With an individualised approach, she empowers her patients to live happier, healthier lives.

Gemma Newman, GP

Dr Gemma Newman has worked in medicine for 16 years and is the Senior Partner at a family medical practice where she has worked for 12 years. She has a specialist interest in holistic health, plant based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. In her practice she has come to understand that body, mind and soul are not separate, and that it is only in addressing the root causes of stress and disconnection that we can truly heal, from the inside out. Check out Gemma's new book The Plant Power Doctor!

Nicholas Witton, Sleep Consultant

Nicholas Witton, is Sleep and Performance Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the elite sports, working with athletes and executives that want to improve their daytime performance. He specialise in using an individuals body clock to peak cognitive and physical performance. Having competed a Postgraduate Degree in Sleep Medicine from the University of Oxford, he is now researching my MSc focusing on circadian rhythms and the role of light on sleep and performance.

Dr Natka Musial, GP Lifestyle Motivation Doctor

Dr. Natka Musial a.k.a lifestyle_motivation_doctor is a GP registrar from South West London. She had a long journey through different specialties: internal medicine, GUM & HIV, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and A&E. She enjoyed all of the specialties but regardless how different they were, all roads lead to Lifestyle Medicine. She feels passionate about Lifestyle Medicine and love sharing happiness & health in exercise, nutrition and self care.

Dr Charlotte Marriott, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Charlotte Marriott, Consultant Psychiatrist is a yoga-teaching medical doctor with a passion for lifestyle medicine - an evidence-based, non-pharmacological approach to physical and mental health and well-being, helping you guide your way back to health and to feeling good, inside and out!

Graham Stephens, Lifestyle Medicine Expert

Graham Stephens is an internationally qualified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner with decades of experience at every level.

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