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Autoimmune Conditions
We have a wonderful lineup to inspire you to transform your heal and enjoy the life you love in 2022!

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Reversing Multiple Sclerosis with Diet & Lifestyle Changes Ep # 20

Watch this episode to learn about her truly inspirational story of how she went from being in a wheelchair suffering from multiple sclerosis to running a marathon with the help of nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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You Can do It! Transform Your Health Today Ep# 43

Dr Pelumi Akintade, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor we will learn about power Lifestyle Medicine practices that you can implement right away so you can take control of your overall health to transform your wellbeing in 2022.

You are Never Too Old to Transform your Lifestyle

Welcome to an Afternoon Tea with Chef Charlene Nolan 

Episode 42

Char shares her inspiring story how she transformed her lifestyle and her health in her 60's to beat the crippling effect of arthritis, finding purpose and now teaching medical students how to help patients beat chronic diseases in their later years through supportive community setting by cooking and eating health promoting, whole food plant based diet.  

This is how you live your best life in your 70's while inspiring everyone around you!


How do You Reverse Chronic Disease? 

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