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Welcome to the ATwD Endometriosis page!


We’re here to help you along your journey - whether its understanding the cause of your condition or how your lifestyle can be used to help manage your symptoms; anything is possible with the right knowledge and support.

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Patient Success Story

Check out our interview with Annette Harvey, a patient who suffered with endometriosis. Listen to find out how she used the world of lifestyle medicine to control and

 he REVERSED his diabetes using the lifestyle medicine approach 

What the Experts Have to Say

Listen to our Afternoon Tea with diabetic expert Dr Nitu Bajekal, where she explains

  • The theories behind how and why endometriosis develops 

  • How to prevent endometriosis

  • How to treat endometriosis without medication/surgery

How Can Changing Our Lifestyle Help with Endometriosis?

It was long thought that there was no link between lifestyle and endometriosis. However, when we delve deeper to understand the processes that lead to endometriosis, we can see that lifestyle medicine helps to treat the root cause of the problem.


Whilst there is no specific diet recommended for the treatment of endometriosis, there is evidence to suggest that our food intake can help control the symptoms. We know that the standard diet of most Western people includes large amounts of both animal products and processed food. This is associated with higher levels of two hormones known as oestrogen and sex hormone binding globulin, both of which play a key factor in women’s health conditions. The standard western diet also tends to be high in cholesterol, and the cells within the lining of our womb have the ability to convert cholesterol into further amounts of oestrogen. As well as this, animal and processed foods are highly inflammatory and have a huge role in causing and perpetuating chronic disease. Together it’s clear that these factors contribute to the effects seen in endometriosis and by tackling them we can improve our health and control the symptoms.

By adopting a whole-food plant based diet, high in fibre and anti-inflammatory foods, we can improve symptoms as you can see with our patient success stories above. Check out our resources below to learn more about how you can adopt this lifestyle and the benefits associated with it

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