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If you are pre diabetic, or type 2 diabetic, we invite you to sign up for the waiting list to participate in our upcoming Hero of Health Cooking Program, held in person, available for Township 1 patients (Townships 1=Birley HC, Sothall, Crystal Peaks, Hackenthorpe, Mosborough)

Upcoming Dates
in 2024

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Program Structure

Format & Capacity

8 in person classes. Blood Tests are required before and after the course starts.

Course Length:

8 week program held once a week on Fridays from 11:30 to 15:00.


Lime Community Centre, Lime St, Beighton, Sheffield S20 1BL

Registration form

The Cooking Program is currently available to patients from Townships 1 Surgeries:
Birley HC, Sothall, Crystal Peaks, Hackenthorpe, Mosborough.

If you are from outside of this region, please continue to register, and we will request your GP surgery to become a provider of our transformational cooking program so you too can benefit.

Pre-Diabetic? Type 2 Diabetic?
Join our next Cooking Program!
Do you want a phone call to discuss the program?
Date of Preferred Program
Do you have Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes?
Are you on Medication for Diabetes?

Thanks for registering. We will be in touch with more information!

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8 week in-person program with
3 monthly start dates delivered locally for the Townships 1 GP Surgery. 

Register to join the waiting list for the next upcoming Hero of Health Cooking Program in person.


Who is it for?

For everyone who would like to achieve healthy aging to live a long and fulfilling life free of chronic diseases: Fatty Liver Disease,  Pre & Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Disease and optimise weight to maximise health and minimise medicaitons.


Blood Work Required

Due to the transformational health changes, we experienced with our patients during the program, patients require full blood work before they start the program. Once you register the GP practice will be prompted to allocate a date and time to get your Hero of Health Health check and blood tests done. This usually happens one week before the course starts. Blood work is repeated at the end of the course to check for changes, and review your medications. 

What will you learn?

You will learn how to shop, set up your kitchen and cook delicious and highly nutritious classic dishes that support healthy ageing and chronic disease prevention & reversal. 


Register for the next Cooking Program

You need to be a Townships 1 Patient to be able to attend in person. If you are, become a member and register to join the waiting list for the next upcoming Hero of Health Cooking Program.

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