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Herbal Tea

Join us for Afternoon Tea!

Are you a lifestyle medicine doctor or health care professional passionate about the prevention and treatment of the root causes of diseases? Join us for afternoon tea, together we can bring the message to everyone free of charge to crush chronic diseases one conversation, one habit at a time! 


Thank you for joining us for Afternoon Tea to empower our guests to crush lifestyle-related chronic diseases, one conversation one habit at a time!

The Afternoon Tea Format

The Afternoon Tea sessions are designed so that our guests can access lifestyle experts, so they can learn from them and speak to the directly in a cozy but informative environment every Sunday at 5pm London Time over Zoom. 

Each event is divided into two parts: 

Part 1: 60-70mins Interview - Recorded

Part 2: 20-30mins - Open conversation between guests - Not recored


Every months is themed with a different chronic disease, but every time we try to dig deeper into the same questions. How can we use our lifestyle and nutrition to crush chronic diseases?

At the end of each interview, we like highlighting one or two of your patient success stories, and we would like to know 3-5 practical things you would like to leave our guests with that they could use and apply in their lives right away to start gaining health and crushing chronic diseases!

Application Form for Doctors and Allied Health Care Professionals

Please upload a headshot of yourself (This will be added to our website and future advertising materials)

Upload File
Do we have your consent to record the episode for future use, including YouTube, Social Media, Soundbites, Podcast etc. if appropriate?

Thanks for submitting!

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