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5 Cards 5 Minutes to Show we Care

Hand Drawing
Folding Christmas Tree

Let's Break Free of Lockdown Loneliness & Connect our Neighbourhoods! 

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39% of UK adults will not have had a meaningful conversation in the last two weeks. Loneliness is a devastating impact of the pandemic. Please take five minutes to show you care with a quick note to your neighbours. Maybe a hand-drawn card from your children? Join the campaign and let’s help ease loneliness this Holiday Season. #5CardstoConnect.

Lockdown Loneliness
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Write a Christmas Card (homemade or bought) to 5 of your neighbours and tell them they are not alone. Encourage them to do the same. 

Write #5CardstoConnect on the cards so we can share our stories and connect on social.

Write a Card

Nothing says we care more than a hand-delivered post! 

Drop it off, and spread the joy!

Deliver it to your Neighbours
Close-up of woman's hand holding envelop

Imagine how you would feel if you had no one in the world, but you still received a hand-delivered note from someone saying they care and you matter!

Spread the Connection
Woman reading a heartfelt message, note,

This is what happened when we did the same for our neighbours! 

A few kind words can make a life-changing difference in today's difficult and lonely world. 

Change a Life

Share the love by sharing photos of the Christmas Cards you posted or received on social media with the #5cardstoconnect and let's make friends through social connection while physically distancing. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Let's all Come together over a hot winter tea on a Virtual Tea Party on Instagram!!

When: 29th of December at 7pm London Time!

See you There!!

Join our Virtual Tea Party
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