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Bok Choy Noodle Soup

This vibrant noodle soup's vegetables are only just cooked, maintaining their rich colour and crisp texture.

Serving Size: makes 12 cups

Prep Time: 35 mins

Cook Time: 35 mins


4 cups no-salt-added vegetable broth

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 tbsp minced fresh ginger

12 thin spears asparagus

2 tsp reduced-sodium soy sauce

6 ounces dried brown rice pad Thai noodles

12 baby carrots with green tops

4 scallions

3 ounces extra-firm light silken-style tofu

2 heads baby bok choy, halved lengthwise

1 cup fresh shiitake mushrooms

1 lime, cut into wedges


1- Combine 4 cups water, the broth, the garlic, ginger, and soy sauce in a 5- to 6-qt Dutch oven. Heat should be reduced after boiling. For 10 minutes, simmer with the cover off to let the flavours blend.

2- Noodles, carrots, and tofu are added. 8 minutes of uncovered simmering with occasional stirring. Asparagus, mushrooms, bok choy, and scallions should be added. One more minute of uncovered simmering. Serve with lime wedges in small dishes.

Look for the FIBRE!

We only eat 10-18grams/day of fibre in a western diet.

Health starts at >40grams/day. Increase your daily intake slowly and make sure to drink 8 cups of water a day.

Download your Fibre Chart below - Post it on your kitchen wall and track your fibre & water intake daily.

Fibre Food Chart (1)
Download PDF • 3.42MB

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