Hi There, 

We are a team of NHS Doctors and a multidisciplinary team on a mission to reverse our patient's chronic diseases regardless of their socioeconomic background reducing health inequality in the UK so that everyone can live a long and fulfilling life thus reducing the burden on our NHS.

Sounds like an impossible mission right? But it's very much possible and with our 30 plus years plus combined experience in medical practice in the NHS and armed with Board Certification in Lifestyle-Medicine we couldn't be in a better position to take on this grand challenge.   

The science behind Lifestyle Medicine and how lifestyle changes can prevent and reverse diseases is irrefutable. So why is the chronic disease pandemic still on the rise? And why do our current disease reversal programs available on the NHS have only a 20% retention rate? It's because the desire to implement lifestyle changes needs to come from the patient!

With our patients first approach we deliver the 
Community, Coaching and Education one needs to ignite the desire to become a Hero of their own Health and that of their communities to reverse their diseases to live a long and fulfilling life. 

Join the Revolution, and support a Hero or become a Hero of your own Health!


The Hero of Health Team