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Cape-Up Campaign
Cape up your neighbourhood 

On the Wall of Super Heroes Supporters you can see the 1000 people who share their name and stories to raise awareness on the need to tackle loneliness, chornic diseaes and health inequality which reduces the burden on our NHS. 
With their voices we cape up ur mission to help build 10,000 Healing Neighbourhoods across the UK who back our mission to build 10,000 Healing Neighbourhoods powered by the Hero of Health App that tackle loneliness, chronic diseases 
Will you be our Super Hero and Cape up for the cause? We are looking for 1000 supporters to back our mission to help us raise awareness on the need to tackle loneliness, chronic diseaes and health inequality...

DO you believe its time to end loneliness, chronnic diseases and health inequailty? 
We are on a mission to make Healing Neighbourhoods accessible to all to make connection, disease reversal programs accessible to all. By simiply signing up below and sharing your throughs on why you think its important you will raise awareness on these issues, and 


Healing Neighbourhoods tackle loneliness, chronic diseases, and health inequality. We are building them and making them accessible to all. Do you think like us that its time to tackle these problems head on and not shy away from it anymore? Add your name and share your story about why these issues matter to you. Your support builds healing neighbourhoods! 

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