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We’re here to help you along your diabetic journey - whether its prevention, treatment or reversal with type 2 diabetes, or better insulin control and reduced complications with type 1 diabetes; anything is possible with the right knowledge and support.

Dr Siobhan Carver, General Practitioner

Patient Success Story

Check out our interview with Dr Bajekal to learn how he has put his Type 2 Diabetes

into remission, lost all his access weight and transformed his life for good!


After failing to control his diabetes with multiple well-known fad diets, he REVERSED his diabetes using the lifestyle medicine approach. 

Patient Success Stories
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How Does Type 2 Diabetes Develop

It was long thought that type 2 diabetes is caused by too much sugar in our diets. However, it is now clear that the actual root cause is nothing other than – too much fat! 

Let’s break it down; when we have too much fat in our diets (for example from animal fats), it clogs up the inside our cells, preventing them from taking up sugar from our bloodstream effectively.  Moreover, the liver, a vital organ in glucose making and storing, also gets covered in fat, making it less responsive to insulin and over time causing insulin resistance which leads to diabetes.

By reducing the fat in our diets (high levels in processed food, meats, cheeses etc), we can “unclog” our cells of fat, making our body more sensitive to insulin.

Sugar also plays a part when diabetes develops. Natural sugars that occur in fruit and vegetables, occur in small amounts easily taken up by our cells. On the contrary, high sugary processed foods, sugary drinks and excess sugar added to foods, increases insulin requirements, particularly in type 1 diabetes.

But it isn’t all about our diet. Having high stress levels also plays its part. Lack of good quality sleep, poor social connections and a sedentary lifestyle are also all directly linked to insulin resistance, by causing low grade inflammation in our bodies which also prevent our cells from responding to insulin the way they should

From this, it’s clear that to tackle diabetes from the root cause, we need to look at our lifestyles in greater detail, making small but sustainable changes that can lead to success stories just like that of Dr Bajekal above! 

Check out the brief interview with Dr Neal Barnard to explains things further....

What the Experts Have to Say

Listen to our Afternoon Tea with diabetic expert Dr Michael Klaper, where he explains

  • How and why diabetes develops 

  • How to prevent diabetes

  • How to treat diabetes without medication