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As a member, you have access to your
own healthy ageing coach in a chat box

& weekly group coaching on a video call to help
you incorporate lifestyle changes that support
healthy ageing. Check out how it works. 


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The number on your birthday cake isn’t the one that actually matters for your health, longevity, and wellbeing!

Why lifestyle matters in ageing?

Why LM

Type of Coaching Services

Your Own Healthy Ageing Lifestyle Coach in a Chatbox

Share your personalized health goals and lifestyle habits with your coach and get the support you want when you need it via our unique chat box. 


Healthy Ageing Group Lifestyle Coaching on Video Call


Make friends and learn from each other through our unique Hero of Health Group Coaching sessions on high-energy fun video calls. 

Types of Coaching

"In group coaching, you realise that you are not on your own. We are always learning & supporting each other."
- Jimmy Quinne

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