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Blueberry Soup

When you're craving something chilly and reviving for a weekend breakfast, this dazzling blueberry soup is ideal. Fresh orange and apple juice flavours are simmered with juicy blueberries, which are then sweetened with maple syrup. To create a rich taste and texture, ground cloves offer a tinge of warming spice that meshes perfectly beautifully with the fruit. If you want the soup to be ready when you get out of bed in the morning, feel free to prepare it the day before.

Serving size: make 6 cups

Prep time: 30 mins

Cook time: 3 hours


4 fresh oranges

2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

1 cup unsweetened apple juice

1/3 cup pure maple syrup

Pinch ground cloves


1- Remove zest from one of the oranges. Squeeze juice from all of the oranges.

2- In a large saucepan combine orange juice and zest, blueberries, apple juice, maple syrup, cloves, and ½ cup water. Bring to boiling over medium-high; reduce heat to medium. Cook until berries have released their juices and the soup has thickened slightly. Remove from heat and cool completely, about 1 hour.

3- Transfer cooled soup to a blender. Cover and blend until smooth. Strain soup through a fine-mesh sieve. Cover and chill at least 90 minutes. If the soup seems too thick, stir in a little water to reach desired consistency. Pour soup into bowls and serve with fresh mint or cilantro at top.

Look for the FIBRE!

We only eat 10-18grams/day of fibre in a western diet.

Health starts at >40grams/day. Increase your daily intake slowly and make sure to drink 8 cups of water a day.

Download your Fibre Chart below - Post it on your kitchen wall and track your fibre & water intake daily.

Daily Fibre Intake
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